What is Moving Butlers in Maple Ridge, BC

What are some of the things you should know before moving to Maple Ridge? In 2011, the previous population estimate for Maple-Ridge was 76,052 people. On September 12, 1874, Maple Ridge became a legal municipality. Timber and agriculture were two early industries that flourished in Maple Ridge. Forestry has been an important industry in Maple Ridge since the 1860s. Maple Ridge has a humid continental climate with warm summers and cool winters. 

Maple Ridge, British Columbia, has so much to offer! Maple Ridge Park, the Albion Fairgrounds, Kanaka Creek Regional Park, and Golden Ears Provincial Park are just a few of the city's parks and recreation areas. Several golf courses can also be found in Maple Ridge, including Maple Ridge Golf Course, Swan-e-set Bay Resort & Country Club, and Westview Golf Course. Maple Ridge is also home to Maple Ridge Country Market, Haney Public Market, and Maple Ridge Farmers' Market. 

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To make that a reality, you'll need to pick a moving company with the qualities necessary to get the job done properly. Moving Butlers is the firm that can guarantee this. There's nothing more stressful than having several activities on your plate at once. This is why Moving Butlers wants to help with your new location.